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Uganda Update

Today almost seemed routine. A schedule was in place that was roughly followed. Everyone has a better idea of how to teach and manage the dynamics of the groups, and we have our ordering and timing for meals figured out.

Door to door visitation went very well again. Daily the Lord is adding to the number those who are being saved. This must be one of the easiest places in the world to talk to people about Christ. I think every team (consisting of a local church member, elder/translator from other churches in the PCU, and 2 or 3 Americans), experienced people asking us to come to their home and talk to them. One team went to visit a lady who had trusted Christ as Savior yesterday to follow up with her. Her husband was home and he did the same. My team stopped and prayed at a few houses of church members. The most common requests they had were for healing of their marriages, and for their children to be saved. We seen about an hour talking with a muslim woman. She asked some very good questions, strongly reacted to the claims of Jesus being God and being resurrected. As we closed the conversation she said she had been a catholic before converting to Islam, but she had never understood the gospel until today. She said she believed it in her heart. But like the lady I mentioned yesterday, she was afraid to declare herself a christian because of the consequences from her husband. There are right answers for her, but there are no easy answers. So pray for Madena to have the courage to come to Christ. On one stop three elderly ladies recognized me as having done their cataract surgeries last year and all hugged me like I was there long lost son.

In teaching today we studied I Cor. 12 and it appeared that several of the men really caught on to the concept that they have been given gifts for the common good of the body of Christ and without their doing so the church suffers, and that by exercising their gifts for the body they get to be part of the work God is doing. We discussed as well how we can work together as the larger body of Christ and they are eager to regularly exchange prayer requests between churches. I could share other things about this discussion for longer than any of you would want to read, but please ask me when you see me next. The ladies and children also reported things went well. Culturally things are very different here in terms of handling children. This huge group of 110-120 children are generally well behaved, but translators would occasionally do something like pop a child on top of their head with their hand if they were disrupting.

Please pray for Bob’s son James. He is a U2 instructor pilot for the air force and knew within 20 minutes of the crash long before it was released to the media. The pilot he knew was part of a small unit that does instruction in flying the U2 so he worked with him regularly.

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