Global Outreach

Global Outreach


Grasping God's Grace Personally to Give God's Grace Globally

Welcome to Our Missions Conference

Our theme for this time is “The Riches of God’s Grace—Grasping God’s Grace Personally to Give God’s Grace Globally” (Ephesians 1:7).  God’s grace is rich, abundant, extravagant.  Friends, as we grasp God’s grace personally in our own lives, the treasure of our salvation, we are all missionaries to give God’s grace, His gospel, globally.  Those on the home and foreign fields have a special need for our prayers and financial support and we have the opportunity to give them  grace for God.

We on the Global Outreach Missions Committee want for us at Hixson Presbyterian Church to have a missional fervor in our hearts to global and local missions, by prayerfully connecting us to the Lord’s bountiful work across the world.

Here's all the information you'll need for the upcoming conference:

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Global Outreach Committee: Ben Jones (Chairman), Chris Armstrong, Cindy DeMoss, Carolyn Hayes, Jon Hoppe, Pastor Robert Johnson, Ruth Stimart, Jan Purdy, Vicki Suttle, and Jim Swearingen