"...that the next generation might know..." - Ps. 78:6

The Latest Update

These are the latest estimates for the project as of May, 2017:

  • May 26-29: Move Weekend- Plan to Help!
  • May 28: Farewell Worship Service at Gadd Rd.
  • June 4: First service in new building!


Building Progress

God says that there is a time to build (Ecc. 3:3). For the family of Hixson Presbyterian Church, that time is now! 2017 will mark HPC’s fiftieth anniversary. Fifty years of God’s blessing and fruitful ministry in the center of Hixson. But it is time for us to plan and invest for the future, for the NEXT fifty years and the NEXT generation. By God’s good grace, we have maxed out the property He gave to our stewardship so many years ago, and we find ourselves at the limits of what we can accomplish in ministry here. It is time to bless another church which needs space to grow and expand and to allow God to use us to be the answer to their needs and prayers. It is time to let go of our current facilities so that we can press on into what is NEXT for us.

In 1969 L.B. Austin gave 5 acres of land to HPC and in January, 1970 the first worship service was held in the newly constructed building. When HPC was first built, Northgate Mall was a big open field, but as the area grew, so did Hixson Pres. Six years later, in the spring of 1976, the building was expanded to approximately double its size by adding what is now the office and adult Sunday School wing. But God was not done with the growing ministry of our church. Nineteen years later, in the spring of 1994, the church again doubled the size of its building by adding a new sanctuary and fellowship hall and expanding the parking lot to completely fill out the top of our hill. But God is still not done with us.

Though we have built on this property three times and more than maxed out the buildable part of our hill, we continue to grow. In God’s grace and foresight, He provided a beautiful 30 acre tract of prime land in the center of a growing residential corridor in Hixson. For almost 15 years we have owned this piece of land and waited while HPC went through many changes and challenges, wondering if God really wanted us to move. Now, the waiting and the wondering are over. It has become abundantly clear that there is indeed a time to build, and, for us, that time is now. We must steward what God has given us and faithfully invest for the NEXT fifty years (click here to see more about God's vision for HPC).