Small Groups

Small Groups


Our traditional Small Groups meet weekly to pursue spiritual growth and develop deeper relationships with a small group of people. They are built around the study of either a book of the Bible or a topical study, but also include sharing, prayer, fellowship and fun. There are Small Groups for men and women, as well as mixed and couples' groups. Preparation typically involves reading a chapter in a book each week in order to be ready to discuss it when the group meets.


These "high fellowship, low preparation" groups are a great way to get connected to other people at HPC. They typically consist of 4-6 families who meet once a month at a home, usually on Friday or Saturday nights. The main purpose is Christian fellowship, and groups are free to work out their own arrangements and plans. Sometimes they may have a covered-dish dinner, sometimes a cook-out or sometimes just pizza. Either way, the groups provide a place where people can have fun, deepen friendships, and strengthen the bonds of community within our church.

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GT is a 29 week study that aims at the transformation of a Christian's heart, attitudes, character and life by the power of the Gospel. GT seeks to get at the deepest issues of our hearts, first to expose the depth of our fallenness and then to emphasize the grace and power of the gospel to bring about real heart and life change. These groups require a commitment to regular attendance and from one to two hours of personal homework each week.

*Youth, Children's Ministries and Childcare are available for groups that meet on Sundays, 5:00-6:30 pm

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